Western Youth Space

An alternative education area for Flo/ICAN students from Western region schools
Youth Space West.


We accept referrals throughout the term. Contact can be made either by email or phoning as an initial inquiry. Please call  Ron 0468390732 or ron.p@eoinc.com.au            



The young people that attend the program are referred from their home school for a diverse range of reasons.
Whatever the reason, the one factor that is common to those young people is that they have a very practical way of learning; they don’t sit around for too long, they like variety, and it must be hands on doing stuff !.

The Youth Space program, is an alternative education space using experiential education methodology, we have a workshop area and a small learning center/ IT area.
The program offers young people the opportunity to re engage in learning through their participation in the workshop/ learning modules that are linked to a very practical hands on approach

The key to the workshops is that everyone is involved, individual skills are recognized and where skills need to be developed this happens in a supportive way.

  • Address

    • 20 Divett Street Street Port Adelaide South Australia 5015

    ABN : 84 640 546 361

  • Phone

    • Ron 0468390732